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Boys League Divisions and Cup Competitions


All Sheen Lions FC teams play in the Surrey Youth League (SYL).For the U7 squads emphasis is on development and fun day games involving other clubs. The U8 to U11 teams play development fixtures in non-competitive groups with no publication of results. For the U12 to U18 age groups fixtures are competitive and teams are placed in divisions suited to their ability. Currently SYL operates with up to seven divisional levels (subject to age group):

  • Premier Elite
  • Premier
  • Championship
  • Division 1
  • Division 2
  • Division 3
  • Division 4

At each divisional level there may be several divisions, eg South, North etc.

The Surrey Youlth League also runs knock out cup competitions for the age groups U9 to U18. There are two cup competitions for each age group which teams enter according to their divisional level:

  • The League Cup (for Premier Elite, Premier and Championship teams)
  • The Invitation Cup (for Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 and Division 4 teams)

These cup competitions are run concurrently with the League’s divisional match programme (September to May).

The Surrey FA also runs its own knock out cup competition, the County Cup, for age groups U11 to U18. Currently the County Cup is only for 11-a-side teams. Generally only the strongest Sheen Lions 11-a-side team in each age group competes for the County Cup. The County Cup is run concurrently with the League’s divisional match programme and Cup competitions.

All league and cup games under the Surrey Youth League and The Surrey FA are played on Sundays.

Surrey FA County Cup

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Boys Age Group Definitions

Sometimes boys can play up a year but normally boys will play in their younger age group. The Surrey Youth League site contains a definitive rules on age qualification. NOTE however that as of July 2014 the SYL page has not been updated to show that boys can play up a year regardless of a change of format.