Return to Additional Measures During Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 Measures For Coaches

Details of the measures required from our Coaches to Combat Covid-19 are listed below. These measures are mandatory.

In March 2021 the FA issued new guidance for the restart of grass roots football on 29th March 2021, “Master Guidance for re-starting grassroots outdoor football“. There are no changes to the Covid measures that have been in place at Sheen Lions for the 2020-21 season. These measures form part of the risk mitigation that we have agreed with LBRUT that is required for the use of the Palewell facility and a similar agreement is made with Rosslyn Park.

Training And Matches

  1. You must comply with public health restrictions and avoid high-risk behaviour outside the football setting to reduce the risk to fellow participants and other attendees.
  2. If you are showing symptoms of the virus or have been in contact with someone displaying symptoms within the last two weeks, then you must stay at home until an NHS practitioner advises you that you no longer need to remain in isolation.
  3. Inform Sheen Lions Covid-19 officer if you develop symptoms subsequent to you attending a Sheen Lions Event.
  4. When your manager is not in attendance the coach must ensure all Manger duties such as taking the register are performed.
  5. You must clean all your training and warm up equipment following FA guidelines and keep a record of doing so. You might be asked to produce this record.
    • Note that equipment when shared must be cleaned before use by another person. Think bibs, and keeper gloves.


  1. Your Training sessions must not exceed the maximum permitted under FA Guidelines.
  2. Your training group must be a safe distance from any other training group.
  3. People must remain within their group and not mix with anyone from another group.
  4. You must be aware of and follow all FA guidance on the use of equipment and activity at training.
  5. You must be aware of a follow all FA guidance on allowed activity at training sessions.