Return to Additional Measures During Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 Measures For Visiting Teams

In March 2021 the FA issued new guidance for the restart of grass roots football on 29th March 2021, “Master Guidance for re-starting grassroots outdoor football“. There are no changes to the Covid measures that have been in place at Sheen Lions for the 2020-21 season. These measures form part of the risk mitigation that we have agreed with LBRUT that is required for the use of the Palewell facility and a similar agreement is made with Rosslyn Park.

Sheen Lions Covid mitigation processes follow this guidance, as another FA County Affiliated club you will also be following the same Guidelines.

On occasion it is going to be challenging to position spectators on the touchlines while following social distancing rules. The first priority is to ensure the safety of the Children involved in your game, on any adjacent pitches and in warm up areas. It may be that not everyone can watch the game and a fair arrangement will have to be reached.

When necessary the respective Respect Marshalls should agree the arrangements.