Understanding Sheen Lions

What Does Sheen Lions Do?

Sheen Lions is an FA Charter Standard Football Club. Our purpose is to enable children to be coached to a good standard and to play competitive football matches through the season.

How Do We Do It

Sheen Lions is a registered charity and is run by unpaid volunteers, no one is employed or paid to run Sheen Lions. The volunteers are almost all parents of our present and past players.  If your child joins Sheen Lions you should certainly consider what you can do to help.

We arrange one coaching session a week for all our players and we enter teams to play on Sundays in the Surrey Youth League and the Surrey County Cup competitions. During the Summer term many of our teams also enter five/six a side tournaments in the area.


Sheen Lions has an established panel of professional coaches. They all hold current FA coaching qualifications, typically FA level 2 or higher. Parents contribute to a training kitty when they join Sheen Lions, this money is held in trust and the club administers this kitty to ensure the coaches and all other expenses are paid.

From U6 until under U11 our squads train at Palewell on Saturday Mornings for 90 minutes.

From U12 on we have to train midweek,  once the children are at secondary school they are normally playing for their school on Saturday.  As we need floodlights we use the all weather pitch at the Bank of England Sports Club for 90 minute sessions, on a midweek evening depending on age group.

Our current coaching schedule can be seen on SheenLions.com.

Team Management

Most of older age group teams are managed by their coach on the match days.

Younger age groups have a volunteer manager, usually a parent of one of the players. Often two parents share this duty with one leading. A parent appointed by the Club as a Manager becomes an official of the Club and will be given the training set out by the FA as part of the Charter Standard. This includes training in Emergency Aid, Safeguarding Children and an Enhanced Disclosure check, they will also be encouraged to take their FA level 1 coaching badge.

The manager in consultation with the appointed coach will make all football related decisions concerning their allocated squad.


Almost all of our competitive matches are on Sundays. Matches  may be home or away and may kick off between 10:00 and 14:00 though it is unusual for a match to kick off later than 12:00. Journeys to away matches are rarely more than 40 minutes.

Our U6 and U7 squads train on Saturday but they do not play on Sunday except for one or two events that are arranged for them during the season.

Our U8 squads start training in September and start playing on Sundays after the Autumn half term. This is entirely dependent on parents volunteering to manage teams.

From U9 up our squads play a full season in the Surrey Youth League starting early September. Usually this is around 20 matches depending on the make up of the division. The League can continue until early May depending on the effects of cup fixtures and weather.

Football up until U11 is designated as Development. The League’s intention is to be flexible through the season and to match teams at a similar stage of development rather than to fix teams into Divisions at the start of the season. Teams play traditional matches against other teams and some round robin tournaments during the season. Results must not published but the League consider the results to assess the level so as to match future opponents. For development football we can move players freely between our squads for matches. Players are expected to attend any fixture that they are asked to play in, this helps us monitor progression and ability.

From U12 onward the League is competitive and a team plays to win the division it is in. Our teams are also entered into the League or Invitation Cup. We normally enter two teams in an age group, Players are registered to a team and can only be moved through a formal transfer.

From U11 onward most of our teams are entered into the Surrey County Cup.


Membership does not guarantee selection for matches. We strive for large numbers of players in all the age groups that play development football as we know we will lose players each season for various reasons. As players priorities and commitments change this can have a huge impact, particularly we can lose up to a third of our U11s as they move up to U12s. Having a large number of players at U11s puts the club in the position that when the drop off happens, we are still able to progress to U12s competitive football, and field two squads, with good numbers, for those players that can continue to commit to the club and Sunday League football.

Our Home

Sheen Lions plays all its home matches on Sundays at Palewell Common where we rent pitches from the LBRUT. We have one 5v5, three 7v7, one 9v9 and three 11v11 pitches. Until U11 our teams also train at Palewell on Saturdays.

From U12 onward our teams train at the Bank Of England Sports Club near to Palewell.

When Should You Join

We would love to be able to provide football to everyone that is keen to play but we have limitations. We are limited to around 24 teams because of the pitches we have available. The league limit the number of players that you can register in a squad but for most age groups we register less so that players get a reasonable amount of playing time.

In the 2014-15 season Sheen Lions had around  390 players and fielded 23 teams, we are one of the largest clubs in Surrey. Players however train and play within their designated squad of 10 to 20 depending on the age group.

We generally run two teams in the 11-a-side and 9v9 age groups but more teams in the 5v5 and 7v7 age groups where the squads are smaller. 11-a-side teams will need a squad of at least 16 to compete and we prefer to go up to 20 for the U18 where players have many demands on their time.

For detailed information on joining and contact information please read our How To Join page.

How Much Does It Cost

To join Sheen Lions you have to pay a Membership Fee and contribute into the Training Kitty that we hold in trust for you to pay all the necessary expenses on your behalf.

The fees payable also cover the cost of matches (could be 20) but membership does not guarantee selection for matches.

Involving Parents

Your first job will be to get your child to training and matches at the before the designated time and of course collect and get them home again at the end of the sessions.

We hope you will want to come and support your son and his team when they play. In joining a Charter Standard club you will be signing up to the FA code of conduct. Simply this means that you may encourage the players but never criticise them or coach them. Home or Away you must watch from the designated areas behind the Respect barriers.

We need a group of parents to help run each team. We realise that not everyone can help but unless enough people do there will be no team for your child to play in.

Please look at our Volunteering At Sheen Lions page to see how you can help.