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Sheen Lions U8 Coaches’ Challenge

Parents, Hope you are all safe & well. Michael, Abdullah & James have set your son/daughter with the aid of a parent this challenge. Please see video attached. The winner will be announced on our return back to training & will receive a sports voucher. Closing date for video’s February 21st. Please send video’s to Thanks, …

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Sheen Coaches – Turning Skills

Lockdown three: training Video from Ryan Summary In summary – two cones 5 yards apart, drag backs going from one side to the other right foot first (10 in total). Then left foot (10 in total). Cruyff turns on left foot (10 in total). Then on the right (10 in total). Boys can then be …

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Bruno On Fitness This weeks fitness practice 🥵. It’s good to run 5/10k’s but how football specific is that? Football is all about those short, sharp bursts of pace 🏃🏾‍♂️💨. Give this one a go! If you need any proof of how effective this is… just listen to the heavy breathing in video 2! 😂💪🏽. Let us …

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Coach Abs Starting a Weekend Of Virtual Football How many of these can you do in 1 minute?! Let us know 🦁on Instagram.

Sheen Lions November Lockdown Skills

You can see another skills video on this Intagram Link. From Ryan Passing and receiving Receiving the ball form the air Dribbling and turns

Spell Your Name – Attempts For Coaches

There are a few attempts from coaches with Short names! They are Instagram stories so cannot be embedded her. Follow this link to see them.

Older Age Groups – Spell Your Name And Do The Tasks

Older Age Groups can swipe to get tasks tailored for their age.

U06 to U10 Spell Your Name and Do The Tasks

Sheen Lions Fitness Cards- Can you spell your name? Each of the letters of your name is matched with an exercise. Find all the exercises in your name and complete the circuit!

U10 Lions – Pass It On Challenge

We’ve had our first pass it on challengers! A great effort from the u10 lions. Great to see teams coming together during these difficult times. Rumours of several other teams about to bring something to the table. The stage is set

James – Core Exercises

In football, having a strong core is so important. It can help us not only with balance when we’re performing our tricks, but also change direction more effectively when doing our turns. Here’s coach James’s favourite core strengthening exercises.

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