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Disciplinary Procedures

  1. Where any member of the Disciplinary Sub-Committee (“the Committee”) has any direct interest in a matter coming before the Committee, then that member shall not hear or determine that matter and his place shall be taken by another member of the Executive Committee appointed specially by the Executive Committee for that purpose.
  2. Where any complaint or misconduct is proved to the satisfaction of the Committee then the Committee shall have the power:
    1. To note the offence but take no further action;
    2. To warn the Team or individual concerned as to future conduct but take no further action;
    3. To suspend or disqualify the team or individual concerned from participation in the activities of the Club;
    4. To impose a reasonable financial sanction and/or require the team or individual to pay compensation;
    5. To terminate the membership of a team or involvement of an individual in the activities of the Club; or
    6. To impose such other penalty as the Committee shall consider appropriate.
  3. The Committee may in the case of any instances of misconduct or breaches of the Club Constitution, Codes of Conduct, Child Protection Policy and Regulations issue a written charge to the individual concerned which shall be accompanied by a copy of any written evidence received by the Committee.
  4. Within 7 days after notification of such charge the respondent shall provide any response thereto in writing and accompanied by the written statement of any witness to the event or other evidence which the respondent seeks to rely upon.
  5. If the charge is admitted or not responded to the Committee may proceed to deal with the matter on paper without a hearing. If the matter is contested then the Committee shall conduct a hearing the date of which shall be notified to the respondent not less than four days in advance.
  6. Prior to a hearing the Committee may make such further enquiries regarding the matter as it considers appropriate. The results of such enquiries shall be made known to the respondent prior to the hearing. At the hearing before the Committee:-
    1. Each respondent shall be permitted a defined time by the Committee within which he or his representative shall be permitted to put his case; and
    2. Each respondent shall be permitted to call such witnesses as he wishes to rely upon to give evidence and to put reasonable questions, through the Chairman of the Committee, by way of cross-examination of any other witness.
    3. Provided that the Committee shall nevertheless retain the power to alter or add to such procedures as it considers appropriate in the particular circumstances.
  7. The Committee shall have the power to extend or abridge time in relation to any matter within its jurisdiction and to adjourn a hearing from time to time as it considers appropriate.
  8. Following a determination the decision of the Committee shall be notified to the respondent.