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Volunteering At Sheen Lions

Sheen Lions is a registered charity and is run by unpaid volunteers, no one is employed or paid to run Sheen Lions. The volunteers are almost all parents of our present and past players.  If your son joins Sheen Lions you should certainly consider what you can do to help.

We need a group of parents to help run each team. We realise that not everyone can help but unless enough people do there will be no team for your child to play in.

Pitch Set Up

When your son plays at home your team will usually have to set up or pack away the nets, corner flags and Respect Barriers. This is done by parents. It is necessary to check the pitch and remove anything dangerous. Dogs are exercised at Palewell and while owners are almost always responsible we do have to clean up on rare occasions.

Referees Assistant

In the older age groups the team must provide one referee’s assistant (linesman in old money) for all matches home or away. This is not for everyone but it is best if the duty is shared.

Pitch Marshalls

All Sheen Lions teams will provide one Pitch Marshall at every game (home and away), especially if you (as a parent) do not fancy running the line or moving equipment you should consider this role.

Please look at out Pitch Marshall Responsibilities page for details of this extremely important role.

Team Manager and Team Administration

We will be very pleased if you want to become one of our managers,  you will be well supported by the rest of the club.

The League allocate the fixtures but the home team decide on the kick off time. At Sheen Lions our Club Secretary schedules the pitches and arranges the referees for our home matches that week. Each home team is responsible for communicating the details of the kick off (time and place) to their opposition . When you are away you are given your kick off time and venue by your opposition and you have to communicate that to your team. Many teams have a parent who helps their manager with this. In the older age groups where a Coach may well manage the team for the match this is the main role for the Manager.

Club or Even League Administration

If you are very enthusiastic about youth football you might want to get more involved in the running of the Club overall. A lot of work goes on to administer a club of this size. You can go even further and consider volunteering for a role with the Surrey Youth League and help them organise football for around 12,000 children each week.