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All Sheen Lions Teams play their home games at Palewell Common.

  • 5-a-side (Mini Soccer)
  • 7-a-side (Mini Soccer)
  • 9-a-side
  • 11-a-side

Changing and Toilets are available and there is a smart new cafe serving decent coffee, bacon butties and other wonders.

Zoom out on the map for the location of our training facility at Rosslyn Park, more details below.

Palewell Common Drive, East Sheen, SW14 8RE

On a typical Sunday four or five hundred people are coming to Palewell for the football. Please make sure you PARK legally, if you do not then you will obstruct access for emergency vehicles and you will be ticketed. Double parking even in the fork in the small roads is not allowed.

Palewell is outside to the South of the recently extended ULZ, its boundary is the A205 South Circular road.

If you are approaching from the East or A3 your journey will be easier if you park in Bank Lane, Roehampton as indicated on the map.

Emergency Information


A defibrillator is kept in the café by the children’s playground and toilets. Please see Defibrillator Availability at Sheen Lions Venues for more information.

Calling an Emergency Ambulance

The address or the ground is Palewell Common Drive, East Sheen, SW14 8RE

What Three Words: found.beard.begins

Send someone to the emergency access barrier near the café to wait and guide the emergency crew to the casualty. Note that the café and the Club Secretary hold a key to the barrier.

Nearest Medical Facilities

Requirements For Members and Visitors To Our Ground

  1. No bicycles, prams, buggies or any other dangerous object is to be taken or left on the sidelines or near the pitches where it may cause injury to a player.
  2. Players must not warm up on the pitches and particularly in the goal mouths. There is plenty of open space and some marked out warm up areas around the pitches.
  3. All spectators must stay behind the spectator line and so at least 1 metre from the pitch edge.
  4. All substitutes must wear a bib or jacket to cover their match shirt.
  5. All players must use the boot cleaners before using the changing facilities and cafe.
  6. Dogs to be kept on a lead when near the pitches.
  7. No smoking near the pitches.
  8. Do not leave litter, particularly plastic drinks bottles.
  9. All spectators must stand on the designated spectator side of the pitch. Only managers and substitutes may stand on the other side. No one should stand behind the goal lines.
  • Mini 1 – Spectators on North side (nearest road)
  • Mini 2 – Spectators on North side (between mini 1 and mini 2)
  • Mini 3 – Spectators on South side
  • Pitch 1 – Spectators on North side (nearest cafe)
  • Pitch 2 – Spectators on South side (between 2 & 3)
  • Pitch 3 – Spectators on South side (between 3 & 4)
  • Pitch 4 – Spectators on North side (between 3 & 4)

Rosslyn Park Training

Competitive age groups, U12 and older, train mid-week at Rosslyn Park FC, see the appropriate team page for specific training times.

Rosslyn Park FC
Priory Lane
Upper Richmond Road
London SW15 5JH

Zoom out on the map above to see the location or look at their directions here.

It is a 4G surface and you need to comply with the footwear requirements here.