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Protocol For Visiting Scouts

Inform Sheen Lions Of Your Visit

Before attending a Sheen Lions match a Scout must inform Sheen Lions of their intended visit at least three days before hand. EMail the Club Secretary The Scout may also inform the Manager of the team they are coming to watch. Contact details are on

Contact During A Scout Visit

If a Scout has an interest in any Sheen Lions player they should ONLY approach the Manager of the player’s team to discuss their interest. A Scout MUST not approach the player or they parents or carers of the player. The Scout will need to provide Proof of Identification and contact details to the Sheen Lions Manger.

After The Visit

The Sheen Lions Manager will talk to the parents or carers of the player and if they are interested in taking things further, THEY will contact the Scout.

The Sheen Lions Manager will also inform the Club Secretary of any approach.

Sarah Street, Club Secretary

17th February 2016

Guidance For Sheen Lions Managers

FA October 2016 – Let’s Make Football Safe – Not Sorry

  • Professional Club Scouts (sometimes referred to as Recruitment Officers in the Premier League) should identify themselves to the Club Managers / Officials at the start of a game or training session if they are there to scout for players.
  • Always challenge any unidentified or suspicious adults observing matches and ask about their involvement with the game.
  • If a person identifies themselves as a Club Scout always ask to see their identification,
    • if they are unable to provide any identification ask them for their name and the person at the Club who they formally report to.
    • If they cannot provide identification or contact details for verification and choose to stay at the game / training session ensure that they are not left on their own.
    • If you have any reason to be suspicious of their actions or intent contact the Club for verification of the ID where it has been given; where there is no ID you may wish to ask them to leave or contact the police.
    • Report as soon as is realistically possible to your County FA Welfare Officer the name of the individual who has claimed to be a Scout and the Club that they claimed to be working for where no identification has been provided or where you have reason to doubt the validity of the ID.