Player Registration From Mid July 2018

To play for one of our teams in the Surrey Youth League players first have to Register with Sheen Lions. You will receive an email invite to Register and enter your details into our on-line form. After this, once you have paid your fees you have completed registration with the Club.

The Club will then register the player with the Surrey Youth League. To do this we need from you two passport quality photos and both the player and a parent’s signature on a Surrey Youth League registration form. If you are new to Sheen Lions we also need a photocopy of your Proof Of Age document. Detailed requirements for all these documents are explained in the Registration Guidelines attached to your email invitation.

There is an initial intensive stage to establish the teams during which signatures and photos are collected by your manager onto a single SYL Team Registration document. The Club Secretary then takes these documents to a “Registration Evening” clinic to be accepted and processed by the SYL. It is a considerable amount of work to prepare all these documents so that they pass scrutiny and this is why it is so important that people deal with registrations quickly.


Please make sure you settle your fees at the time of registering. The fees are the only real commitment, and without commitment Sheen Lions cannot in turn commit to the resources such as coaches and training facility hire that are needed.

If you are unsure whether you have paid login and check your own bank account, please do not ask us to check our account to save you this work. Of course we will at some point let you know if you have overlooked fees.

Age Group U6 and U7

These age groups are not registered with the League and so do not need to do anything other than register with the Club and pay their fees.

Age Group U8

Age group U8 will registered in September. At the start of September you will be reminded to prepare your Photos and copy Proof of Age. You will have to bring these and a parent to Saturday Training to hand in when you sign the Team Registration sheet.

Age Groups U9 and Up

For age groups U9 and up Team Registration Documents have now been submitted.

Now that team registrations have been submitted there is a different process to Register a player with the Surrey Youth League. You will have to follow this process if you are now registering with the Club or if your manager has informed you that you were not registered with the rest of your team.

Parent and Player have to sign an Individual Registration Form. You need to print a copy, sign it and send it with your photos and copy proof of age directly to the Club Secretary. Detailed instructions are on your Registration Confirmation email that you receive after completing your Sheen Lions registration.

The Surrey Youth League does not release the form and will not process Individual Registrations until Mid August so you might have to wait to send those documents in. HOWEVER you should not delay in entering your Sheen Lions Registration or paying your fees. We need this commitment from you otherwise we may allocate your place to someone else. This is why the invite says “reply within 10 days”.

Age Group U18

There are special arrangements.