Sheen Lions Data Protection and GDPR

On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) become enforcible.  As with all organisations in the UK Sheen Lions FC has revised its data protection processes to comply.

All Members, Volunteers and Coaches at Sheen Lions must be aware that Sheen Lions must hold some personal data about them for the purposes of running the Club. Everyone should read our Privacy Notice that explains this.

If you volunteer or Coach at Sheen Lions you will need access to personal data to properly perform your role. You must be aware of and comply with our Data Protection Policy in order to perform your role.

Data Protection Policy

Download the full PDF version. About this Policy This Policy is to help clubs, County Football Associations and football leagues deal with data protection matters internally. This should be kept with other club / County Football Association / football league policies and a copy should be given (or made available) to all staff members, volunteers …

Data Protection Privacy Notice

Download the full PDF version. About Sheen Lions FC take your privacy very seriously. This Privacy Notice sets out how we use and look after the personal information we collect from you. We are  the data controller, responsible for the processing of any personal data you give us. We take reasonable care to keep your …