2019-20 Season Plans For U18 / U17

With the end of the season looming the club’s attention now turns to next season and how we progress with the current U16s and U17/18s.

It’s a “new start” next season at U17s & U18s as the League allow the ages to combine giving teams flexibility and more scope to have big squads.

How many divisions there will be is dependent on how many teams sign up to the League but as a rule there are usually 4 divisions in this age group. Premier Elite and Championship are usually teams made up of the older boys, official U18s, and then Divisions 1 & 2 are made up mostly of official U17s. However, the ages can mix so you can have U17s play in the U18s and vice versa.

As it stands Sheen Lions have 2 x U16s squads and 1 x U17/18s squad. No doubt we will lose some boys so we will combine those that wish to stay on and intend to run 2 x U17/18s. One squad will be U17s and the other a mix of U17/18s.

We are confident we can achieve this with a good number of players in each squad, possibly 22/23 players. That may sound a lot, but history tells us that inevitably there will be unavailability due to school events, D of E commitments, injuries, weekend jobs, plus their social life becomes far more active etc. These factors always has an impact on Sunday League football so the club must take that into account when deciding on squad sizes. The bigger the squad the less pressure on boys to always be available to play on Sundays. With large squads it means the club is in a good position to be able to field two teams every week. We have done this in the past and it has proved to be successful. Our current U18s are about to play in the League Cup Final. Big squad brings big success.

We know boys mean well when they say they want to continue with Sheen Lions but saying it is not enough. The club will need the boys to commit by the end of June at the very latest. This means they will have registered with Sheen Lions, signed up to the League, provided any photos and proof of age if required, and paid fees. In turn, the club has to commit to the Bank of England for the training facility
together with coaches, the League and the FA etc. Match day kit and training equipment will be also be needed. We can only provide this if we know we have enough players. If we don’t have that commitment then we will not be in a position to enter teams with the League, the FA. nor offer training.

We will hold a training/trialling session on Palewell Common where we expect boys to attend that are keen to continue. New players are welcome to come along too that may be looking to move from other clubs or are looking for team. Attendance at these sessions will give the club a good indication as to whether we can achieve our plan.

We expect those that want to be considered to make at least two of the four dates.

Two dates are during half term when we know the boys will be studying so to be able to relax and let off steam at the end of a heavy revision period should work for them.

5.30 – 7.00pm.

  • TUESDAY 28th MAY

Having spoken to managers we believe this is the right way forward and will give the players a good platform to hopefully finish their time with Sheen Lions successfully and enjoyably.

Next season the U17/18s will train on Tuesday 6.30-8.00pm at the Bank of England. Club training kit, shin pads and astro trainers are to be worn.

The club looks forward to running a very successful age group.