Codes of Conduct, The FA Respect Campaign and Sportsmanship

With the start of the new season and the establishment of the Club’s new website at please can I draw your attention to a number of matters concerning conduct and sportsmanship at matches:

1. The Club has a number of Codes of Conduct as well as Regulations. They contain important
guidance on behaviour at matches and the operations of the Club generally. They are
accessible from the website or copies can be obtained from the Club Secretary, Sarah Street.
All those involved in the Club are expected to be familiar with their contents.

2. The FA has launched a major new campaign entitled “RESPECT”. It is designed to promote
improved behaviour at matches, particularly towards match officials. The campaign is fully
supported by the Surrey FA and the Surrey Youth League. The Executive Committee of the
Club have committed to implement the recommendations for clubs which form a major part of
the campaign. As a result:

a. All managers have received “RESPECT” packs that contain FA codes of conduct that
all parents, players and coaches will be asked to sign up to as well as detailed
guidance about the campaign. The FA codes of conduct will now form part of the
Club’s own Regulations.

b. The Club will apply for and obtain funding for FA approved barriers for its home
matches. The barriers take the form of a tape attached to plastic stakes placed ideally
2 metres from the edge of the field of play. Spectators for both teams are asked to
remain behind the barrier on one side of the pitch whilst both teams’ managers,
assistants and substitutes will be on the other side. The system will be tried out over
the coming months and its success will be reviewed by the Executive Committee.

3. The Surrey Youth League operates an active system of monitoring sportsmanship. Those
achieving a high level of sportsmanship achieve recognition by being awarded
“Sportsmanship Award Status”. The status is reflected in the League literature and will result
in various financial benefits for the team concerned (e.g. waiver of application fees for the
following season and subsidies towards equipment). The Executive Committee expects all
teams in the Club to strive towards securing this award. Further details can be found in page 3
of the League handbook supplied to all managers.

4. The Club itself will be awarding a sportsmanship award on an annual basis. Further details of
this will be announced in due course.

With best wishes for a successful season,
Philip Marshall