Digital Photos For League Registration 2019-20

For the 2019-20 season the Surrey Youth League are asking clubs to summit a digital photos to register each of their players. This is good news, it will save parents expense, reduce the amount of admin time making registrations and we expect will result in a quicker, slicker process.

Age groups U07 and below are not registered with the League and so do not need to provide a photo.

A photo taken on a smart phone will be more than adequate HOWEVER the photo must meet some quality standards, these are the same quality standards as a Passport Photo so you can look at the Gouvernment guidance

Please also consider the following advice:

  1. Please frame your photo like the example “Digital” photos on the government site. You do not have to be as wide but you need the width of the shoulder either side of the head. This is revised from the original advice, Prawn requires the photos square cropped so we need space either side of the head. Prawn Advice.
    • If your phone has the option to take a square photo please use it!
  2. Make sure that you are facing square on to the camera with a plain expression, no smile.
  3. Take it against a PLAIN background. If you are stuck for this then there is a nice plain wall either side of the Palewell cafe that will suite a child of any hight. Use the side that in in the shade to avoid squinting and shadows.
  4. You are not going to play in glasses unless you have special ones so do not wear glasses for the photo.
  5. Make sure that you send in the original image. Some phones have a default behaviour to downsize a picture when you send it, you need to find the setting and stop this.
  6. Do not send photos of photos or at least, if you do I must not be able to tell it is a photo of a photo.

You will send your picture by email as requested on your Sheen Lions registration confirmation email that you will receive after you have entered your Club registration.