Good Luck From Frank Thompson General Secretary – Surrey Youth League

All, just a short note to wish all the teams the best of luck for the season, it’s hard to believe we are starting all over again. I would just like to mention a few things before the matches start.

Every year at this time I remind you all of the need to get on top of your admin tasks, and every year the fines seem to go up. I can assure you we don’t actually want your money we would rather it be spent on equipment or kits or coaching courses etc. This season please try and keep your admin in good order, simple things like notifying opponents in time, swapping cards
on match day & sending in results on time all are pointless fines and can easily be avoided by being organised. You also need to have spectator lines or an exemption form the league, please e-mail to apply for this, common fines are also for no corner posts and not telling us the name of the match referee.

I would urge you all to save your money as with 750 teams we really will be on top of club admin this year, we need everyone to work with us to help the league officers deliver football to you all.

Whilst discipline has got better over the years there is still room for improvement, it seems that a few individuals struggle to keep control of themselves on matchday and ruin the experience for the children and everybody else. The league will take a zero tolerance approach to poor behaviour this season. If clubs have individuals who cannot behave responsibly then the onus is on the club to deal with them, even remove them if necessary.

Lastly can we all please try and remember that the league organises football for “children & young people” and that adults are mainly transport and finance providers. Their key function is to support the children and to help the coaches provide a safe fun environment in which they can enjoy their football. It’s their game and we should all strive to as far as possible let them enjoy it. Whilst a competitive league no doubt, the committee often see managers, coaches & parents behaving like every game is a world cup final. There is often far too much emphasis on winning, yes its important but so is the nature & spirit of how they play the game and develop as footballers and children & young people. Some managers and coaches need to remember it’s not about them it’s about the children.

I apologise for the negative tone of this message but the committee all too often find themselves focusing too much and wasting valuable time on the small percentage of individuals who ruin things for the majority of clubs and teams in this league who do a fantastic job. I do hope that this will be the last occasion the I feel the need for such a message.

On behalf of the management committee I wish you all a very successful season and I hope that whatever you set out to achieve becomes a reality, remember football is fun, enjoy, best regards, FT

Frank Thompson
General Secretary
Surrey Youth League
Tel: 07747764349