Joining Sheen Lions For Season 2023-24

The League season 2023-24 will run from Sunday 10th September 2023 until Sunday 12th May 2024. During June and July we have signed up most of the players for the teams that we will run next season in age groups U9 and older.

To understand how our Club works please read Understanding Sheen Lions.

Age Groups U10 and Younger

Trial once Season Starts

You are able to join the club.

  • U9 and U10 may still get a place in a match squad, otherwise you can join to train as a Cub.
  • U8 Match squads will start league games in January, until then you can compete for a place in a match squad, after the squads are chosen you may still get a place in a match squad, otherwise you can join to train as a Cub.
  • U7 U6 and U5 can join to train.

If you are interested in joining the Club in the first instance please complete the short application form available here.

We will then invite you to register to trial. Depending on the age group you are trialling for a place in a match squad but this could also be termed as a taster as you can join as a training member regardless. Note that especially in the older age groups (U08 up) we may not be able to invite you to trial immediately. Demand to join Sheen Lions is very high and we do strictly keep the ratio of coaches to players within the limits set by the FA, our Saturday groups are very close to capacity and additional coaches of the required standard are hard to find.

Age Groups U11 up to U18

Match squads are largely established but there may be places available for players of a good standard.

You must first enquire by email to the managers in your age group ( 2023-24 age group) asking if they wish to trial you. If they do then they will arrange for you to be invited to trial. This is a trial, if you cannot be offered a place in a match squad then you cannot join the club, we do not have training only players in these age groups.

  • Your Email must include:
    • Player’s Full Name
    • Player’s date of birth
    • email address of one or both parents
    • A brief summary of football experience indicating the level reached

Email And Spam

Sheen Lions FC conducts all of its administration by email. Starting from when you complete the enquiry until you end your engagement with the Club, maybe in many years time, you must monitor your Spam folder on a regular basis to make sure that you do not miss an important message.

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