New For The 2017-18 Season

Football evolves and it is useful to collect together all the new things for the 2017-18 season.

Match Day Respect

No Longer A Pilot

In 2016-17 the Surrey Youth League proposed and received permission from the FA to PILOT new processes to improve match day behaviour. This was seen as a success by the FA but also by the League’s clubs who responded through surveys, feedback and workshops and will have contributed to the League being awarded National Respect League of the Year.

These processes have now been adopted by the FA and so this is no longer a pilot.

Respect Marshals

A key part of the Pilot was for each team to provide a “Pitch Marshal” to liaise with the referee and deal with any issues from their own supporters. As a result if feedback from the Pilot this role will now be termed “Respect Marshal” to clarify that its is purpose is to deal with Respect issues.

Respect Marshals At All Age Groups

During the Pilot in 2016-17 Respect Marshals were mandated for U11 to U16 age groups. Feedback from clubs in the league has clearly indicate very strong support to expand this to all age groups and Respect Marshals are now required from each team at all matches in the Surrey Youth League competitions (League and Cups). The County Cups are not Surrey Youth League competitions but teams from the Surrey Youth League playing in these competitions may still find it beneficial to have a Respect Marshal designated.

Respect Marshals should always approach and meet the Referee before the match, this is especially important if it is an U18 referee.

Respect Marshal Guidance.

Managers and Coaches Just In The Technical Area

Managers and Coaches must stand in one area only, as per best practice guidance. Do not position coaches around the pitch, and do not march up and down the line, tracking the linesman. This is poor coaching practice and can lead to disrespect.

Key Discipline Changes For 2017-18

For full details Please also visit the discipline section of the Surrey FA website.  Click here to visit the website. These changes apply to clubs operating at Step 5 and below (County FA football).

Mandatory Minimum Sanctions

You may have seen some national press coverage of this.

To ensure consistency Nationally, mandatory minimum sanctions have been introduced, an individual who receives a charge below and if found proven, will face as a minimum the sanction below listed. A Commission can increase based upon the aggravating factors that are present. These are not an entry point.

  • Assaults on a Match Official – 5 year minimum sanction
  • Physical contact on a Match official – 84 days & £100 minimum
  • Threatening a match official – 56 days/6 matches & £50 minimum

Note that any suspension includes a suspension from all refereeing.


Automatic suspensions generated from red cards and accumulated yellow cards now start 7 days after the match in which the offence is committed. So if you are sent off on the 1st August, your suspension starts on 8th August.


The threshold for appeals against County FA misconduct hearings are now removed (used to be 2 matches and/or £25) which now means any decision found proven against clubs and/or individuals can be appealed (a fee will be required).


Late fines will now be attributed as 25% of each invoice, not £20.00 per late item. So where a caution before increased from £10.00 to £30.00 if paid late, it will now increase to £12.50.


Sin Bin Pilot

You may have seen press coverage on this. The Surrey Youth League in which we play is not involved in the Pilot so there will be no sin bins for our matches. The Surrey Primary League is the only youth league in Surrey that is piloting this process but we may well see it in the coming seasons.