No Matches Sunday 19th December 2021

The SYL have remove fixtures for the last Sunday before Christmas. Please see the following message from Frank Thompson – General Secretary Surrey Youth League.

After consultation and contact from clubs and parents the league have taken the difficult decision to remove the playing programme for Sunday 19th December 2021. In essence this means that no competitive games will take place on that day. We have also consulted the Surrey Primary League who have reached the same conclusion.

We appreciate that not everyone will be in favour of this and that there is an argument on both sides of this decision that could be made.

However as an organisation we feel that we should lean on the side of caution as so much is yet unknown about the current variant and the figures are very high and rising at an alarming rate. We don’t want anyone to feel they have to play this weekend by perception or otherwise.

This one Sunday off will afford everyone the time to properly assess the situation and remove any risk factor attached to families, clubs, coaches etc. having to make the difficult decision themselves. It also affords us all time to see just how this variant unfolds so we can make plans for when we return on the 9th January.

We hope that people will fully understand the rationale behind this. No one wants to stop the kids’ fun, those who want to still arrange in club games or friendlies are completely your choice.

Everyone at the league genuinely just wants all connected to it to remain safe and enjoy Christmas. We look forward to starting again in January.

Regards, Frank Thompson – General Secretary Surrey Youth League