Referee and FA Level 1 Coaching

As always Sheen Lions looks to helping it’s registered players add to their qualifications albeit doing a Referees Course or a Level 1 Coaching Course.
Particularly useful for those considering some sort of sports degree in the future.
If your son is keen to do this please check out the courses on the Surrey FA’s web site.
Those boys that gain a qualification can then referee and/or coach with the club to get experience.
We pay our referees and coaches so useful spending money gained too.
Any registered from U14 upwards will be considered.
Once the course is completed in full and passed, the club would reimburse the cost.
Sarah Street
Sheen Lions F.C.
Club Secretary

Just to add for potential referees:

  1. Sarah will arrange games for you so you can referee and play your home fixture, you can ref and still play.
  2. The SYL is leading with their Respect campaign to stop any disrespect towards referees at their matches. So far this season no Sheen Lions appointed referee has reported any Respect issues.