Sheen Lion Supporting Children In Need and FareShare


Tonight it’s Children in Need which means it would have been the weekend Sheen Lions would have used its Sunday football matches to decide how much money we would donate. As many of you know, Sheen Lions FC has supported Children In Need over the years and this year is no different. The club is delighted to support Children in Need once again, and in addition, Sheen Lions FC will also donate to FareShare, the charity Marcus Rashford has supported giving help to feed children around the country.

Had we not been in lockdown, the plan would have been to do what we usually do and donate according to the number of goals scored and clean sheets kept this Sunday. It’s a really good incentive for all the players to do their bit, feel involved and help contribute.

£5.00 for every goal scored
£5.00 for every clean sheet

This year, however, due to the pandemic and the fact we cannot operate, the club will donate £1.00 for every fully registered player instead…that’s £374.00. The club will round that amount up to £400.00. 

I’m sure you will agree this is the right thing to do, even more so in these very difficult times, and support the club in supporting these charities.