Sheen Lions Registering For 2018-19

The season is almost finished and the next season does not kick of until 9th September but we are now entering a period of intense work to get the teams set up for next season. It seems strange but this all has to happen in June and early July and it is a huge amount of work for Sarah and the Managers and Coaches. You can help by doing what you are asked to do as early as you can and certainly by the date asked. Note that Sarah has to work towards the various deadline dates set by the League to establish teams for next season. We might be sympathetic to any reason you have for being late but it makes no difference, if the train has left without you then you missed it and we have to work out a way to fix the mess and that is extra work that is not needed and will probably mean that you will not be registered in time to start the season. Remember that this Club is run by unpaid volunteers so please do your bit by doing things on time.

For U5 to U11, invites to register for Summer Soccer Six have been sent, see the Soccer Six post for details. Even if you cannot do the sessions you will need to respond to indicate that you wish to continue next season. If you do not respond you will no longer be a Member and we will have to remove your data. Note the SS6 uses the 2017-18 age groups, but of course registration for next season will use the 2018-19 age groups. It can be confusing.

Current U12 to U18 players need to let their Manager know if they are continuing to next season now. I am expecting lists form Managers soon to begin registration for next Season. When you get your invite to register PLEASE deal with this quickly so that we spread the administration load and do not waste our time chasing people.

If you are thinking of joining Sheen Lions for next season:

  1. If you will be an U12 or older in 2018-19 you should urgently contact one of the managers for the age group and ask for an opportunity to trial. Contact details are on the team pages of this site, but note that these are using the 2017-18 age groups until August.
  2. If you are an U11 in 2017-18  or younger then you should sign up for our Soccer Six, after June 23rd however you will have to wait and contact us at the start of September.