Trialling At Sheen Lions

Players considering joining the Club may attend one or two training sessions to try without any fee. However before attending any Sheen Lions training session you must register your details with us.

Players wishing to try will be sent an email invite to register for a “Trial” squad. No payment is required and of course you will not need to wear the official Sheen Lions training kit at the sessions.

  • Players that are U11 or younger can request a trial by emailing Please state the Player’s full name and date of birth.
  • Players that are U12 or older should approach a manager of the appropriate age group to ask if there are any opportunities. Contact details are here.

For the development age groups (U11 or younger) the trial is firstly on your part as the Club does not turn away players in these age groups and you will be able to join and continue after your trial if you wish. Your invite to join may however be for a Cubs Squad, please refer here to understand what this means. If you are joining during the season then the Cubs squad is the most likely outcome to start.

For the competitive age groups (U12 or older) Sheen Lions manager and coach will decide after the trial whether they are able to offer you a place to continue.

You should contact us at least three days before the session that you are hoping to attend so that there is sufficient time for you to Register and for us to process your application. Asking the day before is likely to lead to disappointment.