Shop Is Open For A Short Time

Sarah is running another bulk order of Sheen Lions branded kit. so you can obtain these items at discounted prices. The club does not make any profit from these sales.

The deadline to order and make full payment is Thursday 28th January. The order will be go to the supplier on the Friday and we cannot include yours if you have not paid. Payment instructions will be on the confirmation email that you receive after you make your order. You can pay by cheque or on-line but it needs to get to Sarah by 28th. The hope is that orders will be delivered just after half term but we cannot be certain.

You may order:

  • Nike navy long-sleeved football shirt, shorts, socks (set) £25.00 (including text. badge. initials)
    • Note that you cannot order socks or shorts on their own here, they only come as part of a set with the shirt.
  • Nike navy t-shirt £12.00 (including text, badge. initials.)
  • Nike navy crew sweatshirt £20.00 (including text, badge. initials.)
  • Nike navy trainer pant (zippered ankles) £20.00 (including initials)
  • Nike navy hooded rain jacket £30.00 (including text, badge. initials.)

Orders are accepted from fully registered and paid up members only.

Please use this link to the  Sheen Lions Kit Order January 2015-16 form to place your order and then follow the payment instructions on the confirmation email that you will receive.. Now Closed.

If you have any difficulty with the order process then I will help you, email me on  Once ordering is complete Sarah deals with the suppliers and distributes the kit through the team managers. You should then address queries to your Manager, not to me as I know nothing.

Please note the following:

  1. You must stick to the timetable, if you miss the boat with the order or your payment then you have missed the boat. There is no further chance this season, more on that below.
  2. It is very important that you order the correct size. Because the items are personalised you cannot return them unless they are faulty. It is your responsibility to order the correct size.
    1. If you are unsure of your size I strongly recommend that you ask around at training to try on someone else’s. There is plenty of this kit around now.
    2. Sizes on the order form are in inches. I have included some more sizing information below.

The Reason For The Timetable

We are doing a bulk order and that means we get a good discount and you get the items quite a lot cheaper than you would if you bought them individually. Remember that the items are customised for Sheen Lions and have your initials on them. To do this we have to give the the supplier one list and you cannot be on that list unless you have ordered (obviously) but also paid. We cannot take the risk that you might change your mind, the Club does not have spare money to cover you.

We know from the feedback on the questionnaire that people would like to be able to order at any time. We can only do this if the supplier is prepared to take and full-fill orders directly. To pre-empt a little of Jon’s report on the Questionnaire I am pleased to say that Sarah has agreed with the supplier that they will do this. However they will not be ready until next Summer so this is your last chance this season. Note also that buying with the bulk order is always going to be quite a lot cheaper than a one off order.

Nike Top Sizes With Ages

The idea that children come in standard sizes for their age is strange to me but this is what Nike say:

  • XS Boys Age 5-6 “22-24”
  • Small Boy Age 7-8 “25 -27”
  • Medium Boy Age 9-10 “28-30”
  • Large Boy Age 11-13 “31-33”
  • XL Boy Age 13-15 “34-36”

Previous Orders

In case it helps as an additional guide, below is the sizes for Sweatshirts ordered in the Autumn by age group. This might help you decide, but if you can try something at training or a match it will be better. You would expect that if a Nike size in a sweatshirt fits then the same size in a rain jacket will also fit, but I cannot guarantee it.


Age Group Size Number
U06 XSB 2
U07 MB 1
SB 2
U08 MB 7
SB 8
U09 LB 1
MB 5
SB 3
U10 LB 1
MB 5
MM 1
U11 LB 1
MB 7
U12 LB 5
MB 1
U13 LB 1
MB 2
MM 1
SB 1
U14 MB 1
SM 1
U15 LM 1
MM 5
SM 8
U16 LM 2
MM 6
SM 3
U18 LM 1
MM 1