Surrey Summer Football Tournaments 2013

The Surrey Youth League now maintains a list of tournaments with entry forms. They have not published 2013 yet but the link will appear here when they do.

Details Of Surrey Summer Football Tournaments 2013

Month Sat. am pm Sun. am pm Tournament Fee
May 18 U7 U11 U15 U9 U13 U14 19 U8 U16 U6 U10 U12 Beech United £25 – £40
May 18 U8 U11 U9 U10 19 U6 U7 U12 U13 Spelthorne Sports £25 – £30
May 18 U8 U11 U11G U12 U7 U9 U10 U13 19 U14 U14G U16 Guildford Saints £30
May 18 U8 U10 U12 U7 U13 U12G 19 U11 U14 U15 V U9 U10G Claygate Royals £35
May 25 U7 U9 U12 U8 U10 U15 26 U11 U13 U14 U16 Manorcroft United £35
May 25 U7 U8 U9 U10G U11 U12G U14G U16G 26 U10 U12 U13 U14 U15 U16 Wokingham & Emmbrook £25 – £30
June 1 U7 U12 U13 U9 U10 U16 2 U8 U11 U14 SM V L Wandgas £35
June 1 U7 U9 U11 U13 U15 U8 U10 U12 U14 U16 Feltham Youth £35
June 1 U7 U10 U16 U8 U16G U18 2 U11 U13 U14 U9 U12 U15 NPL Youth £35
June 1 U11 U11G U14 U16 2 U7 U10 U13 U12 Ashford Town (entry form) £25-£20
June 15 U12 U14 * 16 U7 U9 U11 U13 Sandgate (entry form) £30
June 15 U12 U14 U13 U15 U16 16 U9 U10 U11 U6 U7 U8 Meadow Sports £35
June 22 U12G * U13 * 23 U7 U12 U14 U15 U16 U18 Guildford City £30 – £35
June 22 U15 * U13  * 23 U8 U12 U10 U14 U16 Woodley Saints £36
June 29 U12 U16 U13G * U14 U15G * 30 U7 U11 U18 U11G U9 U13 U15 Theale Tigers £20

* Sheen Lions will be running a Summer Soccer Six Camp on Saturdays from 15th June through to 20th July for age groups up to U11. Details will follow.

Tournament Details Not Yet Received

Tournament Date In 2012
Three Bridges 6-6 May
Heart FC 19 May
Rocks Lane 27 May