Temporary Dismissals For 2019-20

Often referred to as Sin Bins

For the 2019-20 season starting in September 2019 the Surrey Youth league as for all football in England at this level (step 7 and below) will use “temporary dismissals” for a dissent caution offence.

This will apply to all age groups, though the impression given is that it will be rarely necessary to use this with younger age groups.

For a detailed explanation please take a look at the Surrey FA page, note that this has not at the time of writing been updated for 2019-20 so its applicability is out of date.

Simple Situation


Dissent is defined in Law 12, it is in the opinion of the referee and can be by word or action.

Note that offensive, insulting or abusive behaviour or gestures is not dissent, they will result in a sending off.

FA numbers indicte that around 25% of cautions are for dissent, and that there is a dissent caution in just less than one out of every two games.

One Dissent Caution

In a simple situation, when a player commits a dissent caution offence while on the pitch they will receive a yellow card, but their sanction will be to leave the field of play for 10 minutes (8 minutes in a game of less than 90 minutes). Time to be judged solely by the referee. The player cannot of course be substituted while off and so the team on the pitch will be a player short.

The manager should use the time with the player to calm them down and ensure that player stays warm if they intend that they will return to play. At the end of the period the player can return to play or a sustitute can be sent on.

The referee will report the offence, however there is no fine to pay, but note that an accumulation of offences by the player during the season will result in further FA sanction if thresholds are exceeded.

Keep in mind that a player in the sin bin is still under the authority of the referee and can incurr further sanction during this time.

Further Offences

It gets complicated if a player commits further offences or has already committed an offence before their sin bin. Look at the Surrey FA page

Two Dissent Cautions

A player that is sent to the sin bin twice cannot return to play after the second bin, but they can be substituted at the end of the sin bin period. Strickly this is only if you have an unused substitute, but in the SYL substitutes are roll on roll for all age groups.

However, if they also have a non dissent caution in the match then they cannot return or be substituted. This is effectively a sending off though no red card (S7) is being shown.

A Dissent and a Non Dissent

Though two yellow cards have been shown to the player this is not a red card. The non dissent offence is recorded and punished as before with a fine after the game.

Two Non Dissent Cautions

This is has not changed,the player is sent off S7.

Three Cautions

It is possible for a player to get cautioned three time in a match providing their second offence is not in the same category (Non Dissent / Dissent) as their first.

The third offence will always mean they can no longer take part and that their team will be a player short.

If two of the offences are Non Dissent then an Sending off S7 is recorded.