Update On Planned Activity In New Year

We hope you are all managing to enjoy the festive period despite everything this virus is throwing at you.

Following is a message from Sarah about the club’s intentions to resume after the holidays. Of course rules can and will change again and we do not know if they will get worse or better so there may be another update before this kicks in.

There is also a message from the SYL General Secretary which you can see here http://www.wsyl.org.uk/covid19-update-23-dec-2020/

Many of you will have noticed that the T4 rules continue to allow organised outdoor sports for U18. Unfortunately there is another rule that also applies, which is that players cannot travel out of or into a T4 area for this purpose, coaches can. This only impacts one unfortunate Sheen player attending training we believe but it ruins a continuation of League competition as teams are spread mainly over London and Surrey but two or three others as well. Maybe the League can work something out to get some games on but unless this changes it seems unlikely any current divisions can complete.

Club Secretary’s message

All, With no League fixtures for the foreseeable future, the club will still endeavour to train as originally planned. This of course is subject to further government restrictions and the highly likely possibility of a full lockdown in January and schools closing.

Here’s the plan:

  • Mid week training will start from Tuesday 5th January 2021.
  • Saturday training will start from Saturday 9th January 2021.


Upon arrival at training (and matches) the manager/coach will take an attendance register.

  • This is to be done BEFORE any activity can take place.
  • The player and parent MUST check in on arrival.
  • The player must remain with the parent until the coach is ready to start the session.
  • If the player is unaccompanied they must check in and wait until the coach is ready to start training.


Upon arrival at training (and matches) the manager/coach will take an attendance register. 

  • Due to high numbers attending, the club has introduced a one child one parent policy at all training sessions and matches.
  • All children MUST be accompanied by an parent and remain with that parent until the coach is ready to start the session.
  • If the parent stays to spectate, they are to stay with their child’s group, socially distancing from others at all times.


It is your responsibility to ensure your child has:


Coaches and managers have been instructed that your child CANNOT PARTICIPATE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES if they do not have these. 

If you do not have these and want to return home to fetch them, you will have to take your child with you. They cannot be left with the coach . If a child arrives without these with no parent present, they will be sent home.

A coach or manager cannot attend to a player should they be injured or taken ill unless it is life threatening. If you are uncomfortable with this you may want to be on site in case you are needed to attend to your child.

Once the session is over parents are to leave the area with their child as quickly as possible.

All the club’s rules and protocols MUST be followed. Anyone found not to do so will be asked to leave the training areas.

Latecomers will not be allowed to participate once the session has started and will be asked to leave the area. It is too disruptive to stop the session to take the register at that point.

The club expects all its members to abide and follow all its rules, protocols, guidelines and procedures. The club reserves the right to de-register a player/parent should they not adhere.