Weekend 5th/6th December Richmond Close Pitches

All pitches in the borough are closed this weekend. This includes open space.


This means you must inform your opponents immediatelyand offer them the opportunity of staging the game.

I will inform the referees.



(DD) A Team being unable to supply a home venue for whatever reason (frost, snow, waterlogged or
double booked pitch, cancelled by groundsman or referee etc) must inform the Fixture Secretary and MUST offer their opponents
the opportunity to play the game at their opponents ground on that day, if the kick-off time can be arranged within 1 hour of the original time set by the team whose pitch is unavailable. In these circumstances, if the fixture is reversed and neither Team have played each other, it will be classed as the opponent’s home fixture. Where the Teams have already played any additional costs incurred (i.e. pitch fees) must be agreed by both Teams (or in default of agreement determined by the Fixtures Secretary) prior to the fixture being reversed. In circumstances of this nature, the Fixture Secretary must be informed.

(GG) If neither Team have played each other and an application is made to the Fixture Secretary by any Team for a ‘fixture reversal’ of their first fixture, this must be formally approved by the Fixture Secretary before any other arrangements are made. In these circumstances the home Team will be responsible for the costs of the pitch supplied. This applies to both League and Cup matches.