Big Changes For Red and Yellow Cards

For 2012-13 The FA are introducing Match Based Discipline to Youth football. This means that if you receive for example a red card during a game you will receive a one, two, three or more match ban depending on the offence. It is the same punishments that you are familiar with from the Premier League.

Normally the ban will automatically apply 21 days after the offence though serious incidents can result in an immediate ban.

It is the responsibility of the offending player’s club to comply with the ban whether they receive paperwork or not. This is significantly different from the old regime where a ban was only applied if and when paperwork was received. A Club is deemed to have player an illegible player whether they have received paperwork or not.


Please note that this disciplinary process applies across Youth football and this includes school matches. Surrey FA have now stated that disciplinary  process for school and club football is not connected. A Suspension in one does not affect the other.



More information is available from Surrey FA.

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  1. Note revision to advice concerning school football.

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