Defibrillator Availability at Sheen Lions Venues

A reminder that defibrillators have been available at Sheen Lions venues for a number of years.

Palewell Common

For Saturday training and all home matches.

Our defibrillator is kept in the front window of the café at Palewell Common.

Rosslyn Park

For midweek training.

  • The best one for Sheen Lions to use is in the changing block on a shelf on the right hand side, just before the men’s toilet.
  • The other is in the main bar, behind the bar.


If there is a player (or statistically much more likely an older spectator) who is unconscious and not moving or breathing it may be that their heart has stopped. Basic life support (checking the airway, breathing and pulse and using chest compressions as per the training course) should not be delayed.

It is then that somebody should run and get the defib machine. It may be that the person doing the basic life support won’t know about the availability of the defibrillator machine and so you can make a real difference by remembering that we have one at the café.

The rest is straightforward as when connected to the collapsed person by the two chest electrodes the machine delivers an electric shock automatically if it is needed. When opening the lid a recorded message says what to do.

Remember that this machine is only useful if basic life support (chest compressions etc) is being done well from the outset. It’s essential to keep yourself updated with these life-saving skills.