Registering With The FA and SYL

To Play in the Surrey Youth League and the Surrey County Women’s and Girls League players must be registered on the FA system. Age Groups U08 and older are registered, younger age groups do not need to send in anything unless specifically requested.

The instructions below will guide parents through this process.

Please note that you cannot ignore your email Spam folder, you must check it every day or two. You will be getting messages from the FA registration system and you need to act on them.

October 2023: I have changed the approach to connect a Parent’s FAN to the child’s FAN, instruction below are updated accordingly.

Actions Needed

Providing Proof Of ID

If you receive an email from asking for “Proof Of Age Required“: you must reply on this email attaching a photo of your child’s passport page. If they do not have a passport then their birth certificate.

If you are new to the Club then you will certainly receive this email, you can be ahead of the game by sending in the document when you register to join and have paid.

Providing An ID Photo

If you receive an email from saying “ID Photo Required“: you must reply all on this email attaching the photo requested.

Make sure that you read, I am very fussy about the photos because the SYL and SCWGL are very fussy.

Make sure that your email is sending the full sized version of photos, some phones down sample by default, this is no good.

Player’s FAN

A FAN is a personal account on the FA system. All players including children must have their own FAN

If your child already has a FAN I will have already found it and connected it to the Club. If I have not found a FAN I will create it. Usually I will wait till I receive Proof of ID before I do this. PARENTS SHOULD NOT CREATE A PLAYER FAN but if your child already has one let me know its FAN number? (

Parent’s FAN

If your child is less than 16 then at least one parent must have a FAN and this has to be connected to the child’s FAN so that they can give Consent for the child to play for the club.

If your child already had a FAN you may already be connected. If not, or if I have created the child’s FAN then I will cause the FA system to invite you to connect using the email address you have registered with.

Parent Already Has FAN

This means that you have a FAN and it uses the email address I know about. I believe that the FA message is now easily dealt with.

Parent Does Not Have FAN

The FA message will know that you do not have a FAN (associated with the email) and it will guide you to create one.

Once you have created your FAN you should be able to deal with connection to your child. If you have difficultly ask me to resend the connection request, you will now have a FAN and it will be easy to deal with as above.

Player Over 16

Once over 16 a parent does not give Consent to play for the Club, the child does this. For this to happen the the child’s email address must be on their FAN. You can put this on yourself or email it in to and I will add it.

This usually affects new joiners, U16 that join during the season after their 16th birthday and U17 (younger U18).

Consent To Play

Once the child has a FAN and the Parent is connected (or player email added over 16), the FA system can be asked to send a Consent request. To play for the Club there must be a positive reply.