ID Photo On FA Site

When I attended a presentation much earlier in the year on the FA player registration system they said that their software would automatically check the ID photos that parents were putting up. We have discovered that checks if any are not good enough and it is very easy to put up a photo that the league will not accept, usually with good cause.

The league refer us to guidance on their website. The page I can find is This appears to me to be guidance written two years ago when photos were being loaded onto Prawn (i.e. photo must be square) however it makes some good points.

You do however need to get your photo looking good and big enough in the FA circle. As you crop it into a square on the FA site you might need to give it a few goes.

Below is what I think this should look like.

This is my advice to get this:

  • face the camera
  • shoulders face the camera
  • all of face in shot
  • The face must be clear
  • Only person in shot (no toys or pets or anything really)
  • The league and the fa do not insist in a plain background, I think you should have one if you can.
  • face needs to largely fill the circle, neck included just a tiny bit of shoulders.
    • Too much shoulder makes the face is too small.
    • no chest, makes face too small
    • do not cut off the top of the head, there should be a very tiny gap.