ID Photo On FA Site

This how your photo should look on the FA player registration system, at the current time you should email your photo in and the club will set it up.

Follow ALL these instructions:

  • Do not use an old photo
  • Do not take a picture of a picture
  • face the camera
  • shoulders face the camera
  • all of face in shot
  • The face must be clear
    • No head coverings
    • No glasses
  • Only person in shot
  • The league and the fa do not insist in a plain background but Sheen Lions do, find a plain wall or a door.
    • Plain means that the background is of a single uniform colour that contrasts with the child.
  • Leave plenty of space around the face including the top of the head.
    • The photo is going to be cropped square so there needs to be space either side of the head. It is better to have quite a wide shot than to be in too tight.
  • Your chid is probably shorter than you, put the camera down to the level of their head, do not take the photo looking down at them.
  • Stand back a bit, the wide angle lenses in most phones are not flattering when you put them too close.

Passport Standard But Not Quite

The government guidance for passport photos is here

You will notice that these digital photos are zoomed out quite a lot more than the professional photos that you may have had taken in the past. If you try to use one of these professional you will have difficulty. You need a square format for the FA site. A traditional professional passport photo does not crop into a square format. The new requirement for electronic submission is a wider shot and that works.

The picture I used for the example above is below. Your photo needs to be able to be cropped into this square format so leave plenty of room around the head.

Wide Shot