Attending Training At Sheen Lions

Team up to and including U11 train on Saturday mornings at Palewell. Until Easter older teams (U12 and up) train at Rosslyn Park. See our Find Us page for directions.

Sheen Lions F.C. is a Sunday League football club. Our aim is to train and prepare young players for Sunday league football.
In order to do that, players MUST attend training regularly.

For the exact time of training please look at the calendar on your team’s page on All teams in an age group train at the same time so Cubs and Trial players may look at any team in the age group. These calendars show all official training and will answer questions like when does training start, when is half term etc.

  • Shin pads must be worn and you must bring refreshments.
  • U6s and U7s” are required to bring their own goalkeeper gloves with them to all training sessions.
  • Please make sure that you arrive 5 minutes early for any training session so you are fully ready to start the session on time, be kitted up correctly and ready to train. If you are late you will probably have to stand and watch till the Coach can allow you to join and you may be excluded! Players that are persistently late risk being deregistered from the Club.
  • Members must only wear the official club training kit, this is purchased from our supplier, KS Teamwear, please see the Kit Shop page for a link and guidance on the kit that you must have. (The kit you get as part of your membership is only match socks and shorts, a match shirt is lent.)
    • All training garments to be initialled, except socks. This is done by KS Teamwear when you purchase.
    • Rugby attire including leggings, tights, skins, socks are not to be worn
    • Personal or other club merchandise and garments are not to be worn
    • Numbered match day shirts, white match day shorts and white/navy club named socks ARE NOT TO BE WORN
    • Of course you can train while you are waiting for Sheen kit to get to you and of course if you are trialling we do not expect you to turn out in Sheen Lions kit.
  • If parents leave during training (or matches) Parents must make sure that they are back before the end of the session to collect their child. Coaches and Managers have to leave and will be very inconvenienced if they have to wait for you so this is a big no no and even one occurrence will result in a review of your future with the Club.
  • Only Players that are registered with Sheen Lions as Members or to Trial may attend our training sessions. If you wish to try you should contact us at least three days before the training session, please see Trialling At Sheen Lions.

Food And Drink

  • NO sweets or fizzy drinks to be brought to training or matches, we are a sports club.
  • No sharing of drinks and foodstuff etc. as others may have allergies that are not known.
  • Regardless, do not bring any products containing nuts, we currently have a number of children in the club with severe allergies to nuts and other foods.

Dogs At Training

Dogs are welcome at our sessions however, we ask that all our members comply with our very reasonable request to keep their dogs under control and on leads in our designated areas whilst training is in progress.

If dogs encroach our designated areas, coaches will stop sessions until they are satisfied their session can continue without disruption from untethered dogs. No doubt that won’t be popular with other parents, nor the children.

Although Palewell Common is open to the public, it should be noted that our training areas are for the sole use of Sheen Lions FC on Saturday mornings from 9.00am – 12.30am. These areas are designated sports areas, given over to us by LBRUT as our official training ground, and are paid for by Sheen Lions F.C.

We ask the same on Sundays when our HOME matches are taking place.

As part of the club’s Code of Conduct your compliance will be greatly appreciated by everyone at the club.