FA FAN For Parents

These instructions are now superseded by http://sheenlions.com/registering-with-the-fa-and-syl/

Sheen Lions players must be registered on the FA system to play in the Surrey Youth League.

For almost all players (younger than 16) the child’s FAN is managed by a parent and they must have their own FAN to do this.

If you do not have a FAN then you need to go to https://myaccount.thefa.com/ and create one.

Once you have a FAN it needs to be linked to your child. If you are already linked to your child then you are good to go, provided you have told the Club your child’s FAN.

If you are not linked and you cannot link then then you need to email registrations@sheenlions.org with your child’s name, your name (as it appears on your FAN) and your date of birth. We need this information to link the FANs.

Once you are linked you will be able to give consent and you will need to load an ID photo for your child following this guidance. http://sheenlions.com/id-photo-on-fa-site/

Once you and your child are set up on the FA system you should email to registrations@sheenlions.org

  1. A high resolution copy of the ID photo that you have used
  2. A picture of your child’s passport page.