Joining Sheen Lions – Autumn 2021

If you wish to join Sheen Lions then you should apply to be invited for a trial. To be places on the waiting list to be invited for a trial please complete the short application form available here.

To understand trialling at Sheen Lions you should read Trialling At Sheen Lions.

If you have applied to trial we will, when we can send you an email invite to register details before you attend to trial. No player may attend any Sheen Lions sessions until they have registered with the Club and received a confirmation email. You are advised to periodically monitor your Spam so you do not miss invites and other messages from the Club.

Before you attend to trial please make sure you have read Attending Training At Sheen Lions

Due to exceptionally high demand we have temporarily suspended trials in the U6, U7 and U8 age groups. Please still complete the form above and we will send invites to register to trail as soon as we can. We hope this will be in early October.