Development Football Plans For 2016-17

This is a message from the Club Secretary, Sarah Street to all U6, U7, U8, U9 and U10 players for the 2015-16 season.


With the season officially now at a close our attention turns to next season.

U6 -> U7

The current U6s will move up to U7s and will spend the season trying and learning the game. Round Robin events will be organised for them.

U7 -> U8

We plan on getting the current U7s ( next season’s U8s ) playing League fixtures after the October half term. This means we will be looking to identify managers. The more volunteers we have, the more teams we can put out. If you’re keen to use your football knowledge and think you have what it takes to run a team, let me know.

U8 -> U9

There will be more changes, particularly for the current U8s. The club is aiming to run a fourth team for them at U9s next season, if the commitment is there.

U9  -> U10

Current U9s will continue with 3 teams and move up to 7 v 7. This means the squads will increase in numbers, giving opportunities for the current Development Squad players to be selected if the managers and coaches feel they are ready.
We will also continue with a Development Squad for those boys needing more time to develop, if numbers demand it.

U10 -> U11

Big changes too for the current U10s. As they move to U11s they will be playing 9 v 9 so the club will now look at the three existing teams and merge them into two squads. Next season will be their last as non competitive football so boys will still be able to move across from one team to the other as they develop and progress in readiness for U12s when the football then becomes competitive.

Selecting The Squads

Managers and coaches have continuously observed and assessed players through match play and training and decisions will be made regarding squads for next season over the coming weeks. They will also use the Summer Soccer Six as an opportunity to assess. History tells us that new boys will sign up for it, in the hope of gaining a place at Sheen Lions, so as always competition is high for a squad place. You may want to sign your son up if you intend to continue with the club.
Booking Instructions have been sent out to you. If your son has friends wanting to join in, pass on the details of how to sign up.
Please remember that from U8s – U11s the League programme is non – competitive  and allows clubs to move boys from one squad to the another freely. So, one week a boy may play for Pride, the next Hoops, the next Lions etc. This freedom of movement means boys are not anchored into one team where they may struggle or alternatively may be not playing to their full potential. What matters is that they are Sheen Lions players, within their age group, and can develop at their own pace.
If you have questions feel free to approach Simon Fanthorpe (Head of Mini Soccer ) or your current manager or myself, at training.
Here’s to a roaring 2016-17 season.
C’mon you Lions!!!
yours in football
Sarah Street
Club Secretary – Sheen Lions F.C.