End Of Season – Boots, Sheen Lions Shirts And Registration For Next Season


The season is over but as most of you will know we are busy getting ready for the next. We are busy registering boys for next years squad. Not all teams have sent out Registration Invites yet, trials may still be in progress, but most invites should be out before the end of June.

Next season may seem a long way away but Sarah has to register the core of all the  teams with the League in a few weeks. Once you have received your invitation please deal with it promptly. After you have registered on-line you must gather together all your paperwork and send it in to Sarah. That is PROPER photos, COPY of Proof of Age, and PAYMENT. If you miss any of these Sheen Lions just cannot register you, we all waste time trying to sort you out., and you may well miss the start of the season AND will have to fill in more forms.

You must also see your Manager and sign the team registration sheet.

Sheen Lions Shirts

Your Managers should have collected in your Sheen Lions shirt already but if they have not you must get it to them now. Sheen Lions will be donating these shirts to Charity and they will go to children who need them far more than us so please make sure that you do this. If you playing tournaments then your Manager will give out shirts for  the day.

New shirts will be issued for next season and the rumour is that they will no longer be hoops so we might be renaming some of the squads.

Old Boots

It is the end of the season and you may have grown out of your boots or be getting some nice new ones for the new season. Again there are people in the world that will be very grateful for your old boots, often it will be the first pair they have ever had.

Please hang on to your boots over the Summer and at the start of the season we will let you know how to give them in to  David Hughes to be sent on to Kits4Causes.

Yes please to:  Clean football boots and astros, laces tied together
Clean football shirts
No thanks to:   Trainers, socks, shin pads, shorts