Information Following the latest Government advice regarding Covid-19

Sheen Lions would like to remind you that in order for the children’s football to continue, we must follow the procedures that the FA have agreed with the Government and that are incorporated into our club rules.

Please in particular note that the special rules for participation in an organised team sport apply to the players, managers, coaches and officials at the event. It does not apply to parents or spectators.

It is the responsibility of parents and spectators to abide by the current standard social distancing rules, guidance and laws when at any Sheen Lions event, and everyone is to follow those rules, guidance and laws when travelling to the event.

This will not be easy but please, do your very best to comply. We must do everything we can to minimise the chance of any Covid transmission through our activity and we do not want complaints to the club or to LBRUT that rules, guidance and laws are being ignored, as this would jeopardise our continued use of the facilities resulting in us not being able to provide football for the children.