July 2020 Information You Must Read About A Restart

As we have already let you know measures agreed between the English FA and the UK Government on 17th July do allow a restart of Grass Roots football but of course there are new procedures necessary.

Timing Of Restart

In normal times Sheen Lions has very little activity from late July until the end of August and this seems likely to be the case even now. Sarah has been talking to Coaches and Managers about the feasibility of starting training earlier than usual (in August) but in almost all age groups the numbers are not sufficient as people are away on holiday. The sudden change in travel advice for Spain at the weekend may change this, but it might make it worse not better if players have a period of self isolation following their holiday.

At the moment you must assume that training will start on your first normal training day after 1st September, so for U6 to U11 that will be Saturday 5th September. Maybe some of the older age groups might manage some sessions earlier, you will hear from your Manager or from the Club if that is to happen.

People waiting to trial will be invited to the first training session to do so.

League competition is due to start on 12th September. We have not yet heard from the League as to whether they will start on that date because they have not decided. They will need confirmation from Clubs that they will be ready and more certainty on the number of teams entered. We are still in a process to do that and other clubs will be the same. Your responses on some of the points below affect what we can tell the League.

Training Kit

Members that need to order new training kit please note that there has been a change of brand. You need to read http://sheenlions.com/sheen-lions-training-kit-brand-change/. Players can continue to wear their existing kit but going forward new and replacements garments will be be from JOMA. At the time of writing the new kit is not yet available for sale on the KS Teamwear website. We require you to wear the official kit at training but until you can get hold of it you can of course attend training anyway!

Notice of Additional Measure During Pandemic

We have now put in place our additional measures that we need to bring in to allow your football activity to resume as safely as possible following the FA Guidance.

You must read our notice about this, it is very important that you understand and are agreeing to the additional risks of continued participation. If you decide that you are unable to accept these changes then you will need to let us know (registrations@sheenlions.org) that you wish to end your membership as you will no longer be able to participate. If we do not hear from you we will take this as confirmation that you have read, accepted and will comply with all rules and protocols notified here.


Sheen Lions is a registered charity it is run by unpaid volunteers. We rely entirely on parents paying fees so we can pay for what we do. Normally we collect the necessary contributions as people register for the new season but this summer we deferred payment as we did not have any certainty as to when Grass Roots football would be allowed to resume. Now that we have a reasonable certainty of starting as normal we now need to collect the fees. During this week Members will receive an email asking for payment of their contribution. People waiting to trial do not pay.

Please deal with this matter promptly. If you have a difficulty with payment please be proactive and explain it to us.

  • U11, I will send you another notice about fees before your request to pay.
  • U12, following the trial last Saturday, I will not be able to send you payment requests until I hear what decisions have been made.