Additional Measures During Covid-19 Pandemic

Following the message in our notice “Changes To Your Agreement With Sheen Lions July 2020” we have now decided on the addition measures we need to bring in to allow your football activity to resume as safely as possible following the FA Guidance (GUIDELINES FOR THE RETURN OF OUTDOOR COMPETITIVE GRASSROOTS FOOTBALL).

You may view the current version of the measures in our Member’s Info section Additional Measures During Covid-19 Pandemic. Players and Parents must read Covid-19 Measures For Parents and Players.

In particular please note that “On arrival at the event the player must not approach any other person until they have reported to their manager for registration and confirmation of self check.

The FA Guidelines are concentrated on measures to mitigate the risks leading to a Covid-19 outbreak around this activity. They do not eliminate these risks.

  • We expect that the risk of transmission will be significantly reduced by following these measures over the risk if the activity takes place without these measures but we do not know what that risk is.
  • The impact if a risk occurs (i.e. the virus is transmitted between participants at a Sheen Lions event) depends on individual circumstances and it is left to you to decide if you wish to take the risk given the mitigation in place.

There is another risk in participation apart from the risk of infection. You may be told by the NHS Test and Trace service that you have “been in contact with a person who has coronavirus” as a result of Sheen Lions activity. Remember that this includes matches against teams from other Clubs but note than Sheen Lions only plays teams from Clubs that, like us will be following the FA Guidelines.

If you decide that you are unable to accept these changes then you will need to let us know ( that you wish to end your membership as you will no longer be able to participate. If we do not hear from you we will take this as confirmation that you have read, accepted and will comply with all rules and protocols notified here.