Sheen Lions Official Attire For 2016-17

For the 2016-17 season Sheen Lions has a new policy for mandatory kit to be worn at training and to matches.

The Club will continue to loan a Match Shirt and The Club will also supply one set of match day shorts and socks (Nike White) to all fully paid up registered players only.

Sheen Lions now mandates that the following Sheen Lions official attire is to be purchased and worn to training and match days as indicated below. Items worn must be the club’s designated range. Ordering details and indicative pricing are on the Sheen Lions Club Shop page.

All merchandise will come with players initials (except socks). Sheen Lions F.C. will be on the back and the club’s badge on the front. (Note that Nike Obsidian is a Navy Blue colour.)


The items must be purchased from the Club’s official supplier KS Teamwear. KS Teamwear are currently preparing their Sheen Lions web page and we will let you know as soon as it is ready. There will be a link on the Sheen Lions Club Shop page.
During a designated period up to and for the first few weeks of the season you will be able to order and purchase the items that you need from KIt Selection at an good discount as they will be delivered in bulk through the Club.

After the discount period you will be able to continue to order items throughout the season directly from KS Teamwear but you will have to collect or pay for mail order delivery yourself and the discount is likely to be less.

Mandatory For All Age Groups

  • Nike Team Sideline Rain Jacket, Obsidian
  • Nike Team Club Crew (Sweatshirt), Obsidian

Depending on weather one or other is mandatory at training and matches.

Mandatory for U6s – U11s

Mandatory for training:

  • Nike Park VI Midnight Navy Shirt
  • Nike Park II Midnight Navy Shorts
  • Nike Classic II Midnight Navy Socks

These are optional for other age groups

Optional For All Age Groups

  • Nike Team Club Trainer Pant, Obsidian
  • Nike Club Blend Tee, Obsidian
  • Nike Team Core Polo, Obsidian

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  1. The supplier will be KS Teamwear, they have taken on the business of Kit Selection.

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