Sheen Lions Training Squads (Cubs)

The purpose of Sheen Lions is to enable children to be coached to a good standard and to play competitive football matches through the season. However the practicalities of setting up and running a team mean that we cannot provide a place in a match squad to everyone that would like it.

Development Age Groups

Some of our players start as young as U6 but we do not want to exclude children that may may take an interest in Club football at a later age even though they may not immediately be able to win a place in a team when they first start, We also appreciate that children develop at different rates and we do not want to just write off a player just because they do not make a cut at a young age.

In our Development age groups, U8 to U11 we will invite children that we cannot include in our match squads to register for the “Training” squad. This squad is normally designated as “Cubs”. These players will train on Saturdays with their age group but will not usually play Sunday fixtures. However Training players will be registered with the Surrey Youth League and if their development and opportunity allows they can be picked for one of the match squads. Note that if a player joins as “Training” later in the season we may have already used all our remaining registration slots.

Competitive Age Groups

The Competitive age groups from U12 up will not have many “Training” players but it may be appropriate in some circumstances. Training players in Competitive age groups are not registered with the League because, unlike development players they cannot play for another squad without a formal transfer.

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