Joining Sheen Lions – Autumn 2022

To understand how our Club works please read Understanding Sheen Lions.

If you wish to join Sheen Lions you should apply to be invited to attend for a trial. To be places on the waiting list to be invited for a trial please complete the short application form available here. Completion of this form does not mean that you can attend, it is just a first step. Please read the age group specific guidance below.

There will be no more trials in age groups U11 or younger before the New Year. If you complete the enquiry form above we will contact you in early January.

To understand trialling at Sheen Lions you should read Trialling At Sheen Lions.

Before you attend to trial please make sure you have read Attending Training At Sheen Lions.

Age Groups U13 up to U18

You can contact a manager in your 2022-23 age group by email, contact details are on the team page, to find out if there is any possibility of a place.

Email And Spam

Sheen Lions FC conducts all of its administration by email. Starting from when you complete the enquiry until you end your engagement with the Club, maybe in many years time, you must monitor your Spam folder on a regular basis to make sure that you do not miss an important message.