Joining Sheen Lions – Spring Summer 2022

This post is now superseded by Joining Sheen Lions – Autumn 2022.

To understand how our Club works please read Understanding Sheen Lions.

If you wish to join Sheen Lions you should apply to be invited to attend for a trial. To be places on the waiting list to be invited for a trial please complete the short application form available here. Completion of this form does not mean that you can attend, it is just a first step. Please read the age group specific guidance below.

To understand trialling at Sheen Lions you should read Trialling At Sheen Lions.

Before you attend to trial please make sure you have read Attending Training At Sheen Lions.

Age Groups U4 up to U10

Please complete the linked enquiry form above. During May you will be sent an invite to register for our Summer Soccer Six in June and July. 

Age Groups U11 up to U18

2nd June 2022 – Trials for these age groups are now complete for this Summer. The next update will be in September.